Boost Results with a Landing Page

landingA landing page is a stand-alone Web page that, when executed correctly, can drive sales goals getting site visitors to “click-through” to your organization’s high-value destinations like:

  • Product Purchases;
  • Registration;
  • HTML Email Signup; and
  • Facebook “Likes.”

In most cases, your business wants the target market to land on a page that’s 100% dedicated to one product, idea, or message.  It’s less confusing for your potential customer to act when there’s a single choice to make (read about Costco’s brilliant model).  Also, it’s easier on your organization to track results and tweak to “optimize for conversions.”

Optimizing for conversions means that when a visitor does finally arrive on your landing page, they’re more likely to purchase therefore you should see a better statistical return (more product sales, more email signups, more seminar registrations, etc.).

Creating a landing page for your organization’s select products and/or services can also make you successful in increasing rank position on search engines.  Google LOVES “long-tail” topics (specific messaging) that landing pages excel at, so having one could significantly help your firm increase its Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) performance as well.