Bye-bye Internet Explorer. Hello Chrome!

wsj-browser-graphAccording to a Buzzfeed article published recently, IE used to enjoy 80% market share in the US – but after some other faster browsers were released, it actually became a subject of mockery.

News is, Microsoft has decided to discontinue Internet Explorer (IE) and is planning to introduce a new browser  for its Windows 10 platform instead.

The new browser is named Spartan and is expected to be bundled with desktop/mobile versions of Windows 10.  From a developers point of view, this is really pretty good news.  Web site and electronic media developers need to be concerned with which browser types the majority of consumers use because the Web sites we build need to respond very well in those environments for years to come.

Not surprisingly, Google’s Chrome browsers are now the most popular in the U.S., surpassing Internet Explorer.

The Wall Street Journal reported recently in an article titled, Google Passes Microsoft in U.S. Browser Market Share, “Google’s Chrome and Android browsers had 31.8% share in April, up from around 26% the prior year, Adobe said. Internet Explorer had 30.9% share, down from roughly 37% a year ago…On mobile devices, Apple’s Safari is by far the most popular, with 59% of searches, reflecting the strength of Apple’s iPhone.

But Google is first overall, because Internet Explorer has little share on mobile devices, and Safari has little share on PCs.”